Try TINA in three easy steps


AudaxCeph TINA (which stands for Tracing Is Now Automatic) tracing module needs 300+MB of space for its data.
When used for the first time, AudaxCeph downloads and installs it from within AudaxCeph.




Install AudaxCeph version 5.
Go to download page for either AudaxCeph SuperEasy or AudaxCeph Advantage.
After download is finished, install AudaxCeph.





Download TINA from within AudaxCeph version 5
When you want to use Automatic tracing for the first time, AudaxCeph will download all the necessary files. 
When installed, just close AudaxCeph and open it again.





Use AudaxCeph and TINA free for 30 days.

Should you need help, please let us know.
You can use our support form to create a ticket or send us an email to



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Already an AudaxCeph User and want to upgrade?


If you are an existing AudaxCeph user and would like to use TINA module, please let us know. We will send you a quote for an upgrade. Prerequisite for AudaxCeph TINA module to work is AudaxCeph software version 5.


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