Why use AudaxCeph SuperEasy?


AudaxCeph SuperEasy is a cephalometric tracing software which is really easy to implement and use. Its user interface and interaction were designed by kids. Therefore it is logical, usefull and simple. We encourage doctors to try it without initial training. Everybody love it, you will too.


Cephalometric Analyses

Using AudaxCeph SuperEasy significantly reduces the time required to make a cephalometric analyses. Tools for group movement of landmarks, automatic calibration, etc. will dramatically reduce time spent creating analyses. In addition you can let the programme recognize soft tissue. You will only need from 1 to 2 minutes for one cephalometric analysis. 


Study Model Analyses

Using AudaxCeph SuperEasy is widely used for study model analyses such as Bolton. Just enter a photograph of study model and trace teeth. Reports are automatically created. In a minute or two doctor gets accurate results out of the system.



AudaxCeph SuperEasy is distinguished by stable performance. Help system inside the software consists from short movies and textual explanations. And last but not least each new customer is an honor for whole AudaxCeph team. So we will do our best and maintain a great technical support. 

Simplify your work using Automatic tracing

Let the program recognize soft and hard tissue and mark it correctly. This allows you to dedicate to your work and not loose time with necessary but time-consuming unpleasant jobs.

Check Automatic tracing.

Master it without learning

The AudaxCeph SuperEasy program does not require learning and reading boring manuals as it is distinguished by a high level of intuitiveness. Clear commands, understandable menus and settings enable the user to comprehend the program quickly and start working with it almost instantly.

Eye-catching interface

A modern design and a superb visualisation are appealing to the eye and this makes the work itself more pleasant. Due to the use of various colours and other visual elements, work becomes clearer, more definite, and faster while skinning enables personalisation of the program, making it uniquely suited for each and every individual user.

Work has never been so easy

Intuitiveness, modern design, and simple use are the foundation of easy work with the SuperEasy program. Quick implementation makes the start of work with the new program easier, while a floating license enables work on various computer in the same network. The program only contains functions that are really necessary for your work, which allows you to be fully concentrated on what you do.

Adapts to your working practices

AudaxCeph SuperEasy allows you to perform analyses in a way you are used to. We provide you with a broad spectrum of different existing analysis types and also offer our help when building a brand new custom analysis type in line with your wishes, free of charge.


Compare AudaxCeph SuperEasy and Advantage

AudaxCeph SuperEasy


(per year, excl. local taxes)


Compare_ICO_YES.png 1 year licence lease

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analyses (cephalometric, study model)

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analyses viewer

Compare_ICO_YES.png Appearance customization

Compare_ICO_YES.png Multiple languages

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analysis sharing

Compare_ICO_YES.png Exports (PDF, PPT, XLS,…)

Compare_ICO_YES.png Floating license

Compare_ICO_NO.png Image filtering

Compare_ICO_NO.pngAnalyses type creation

Compare_ICO_NO.pngAutomatic report creation

Compare_ICO_NO.pngPatient management

Compare_ICO_NO.pngDocuments management

Compare_ICO_NO.pngCephalometric superimposition

Compare_ICO_NO.pngTreatment simulation (VTO)

Compare_ICO_NO.pngOrthognatic surgery simulation

Compare_ICO_NO.pngOrthodontic photography

Compare_ICO_NO.pngLayout creation


AudaxCeph Advantage


(lifetime licence, excl. local taxes)


Compare_ICO_YES.png Lifetime licence

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analyses (cephalometric, study model)

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analyses viewer

Compare_ICO_YES.png Appearance customization

Compare_ICO_YES.png Multiple languages

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analysis sharing

Compare_ICO_YES.png Exports (PDF, PPT, XLS,…)

Compare_ICO_YES.png Floating license

Compare_ICO_YES.png Image filtering

Compare_ICO_YES.png Analyses type creation

Compare_ICO_YES.png Automatic report creation

Compare_ICO_YES.png Patient management

Compare_ICO_YES.png Documents management

Compare_ICO_YES.png Cephalometric superimposition

Compare_ICO_YES.png Treatment simulation (VTO)

Compare_ICO_YES.png Orthognatic surgery simulation

Compare_ICO_YES.png Orthodontic photography

Compare_ICO_YES.png Layout creation


Free trial - AudaxCeph SuperEasy

Test AudaxCeph SuperEasy for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph SuperEasy program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.

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