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General - FAQ

Can I use DICOM file format when importing an image?

Yes. DICOM images can be imported into AudaxCeph.

Can I export a PDF file?

Yes. Reports can be exported in PDF format.

Can I use MS Excell 2003 for export?

Yes. All versions of MS Excel from 2003 on, can be used for Excel exports....

Can the imported image be altered for better diagnostics?

Yes. Any radiograph can be filtered with tools that are available in Analysis ribbon under Edit. You can also Edit the picture with the 3rd party software and save it under the same name.

Can I translate the software to my language?

Yes. AudaxCeph can be translated into any language using latin, cyrillic or other alphabet using transtation set. Please contact us about your wishes and needs.

Can I use multiple analyses in superimposition?

Yes. Any number of analyses can be superimposed.

Can I use connect AudaxCeph to my digital patient records software?

Yes. AudaxCeph can be connected to any patient records software through a bridge. For further information about the bridge please consult the Documents section.

Can analyses prior to version 4.0 be changed in version 4.0 and later?

Yes. All existing analyses can be imported and changed in a newer version of the software.

Installing - FAQ

After installing TINA i get a warning message stating "Landmark recognition could not be initialized or is not available". What can i do?

This warning is displayed in most cases when Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 Redistributable package is missing from your Windows OS. To fix this issue download the vc_redist.x86.exe package directly from Microsoft website using the link provided below. 


If the issue persist after installation please contact us and we will help you to fix this issue.

I get a class not registered error at startup. What should I do?

This happens if MS XML Parser is not installed on your computer. Please download and install MSXML4 SP3 windows component by following this link to the Microsoft download page http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15697.

Are there any special considerations for the installation?

Yes. We recommend not to install AudaxCeph in Program Files folder. Installing in Program Files folder might cause issues with the licence.

Do I need to install a database for AudaxCeph?

The database is an integrated part of AudaxCeph, so no separate installation of a database is required.

Do I need to be an administrator to work with AudaxCeph?

No. Administrator privileges are not needed for installing or running AudaxCeph.

Is Windows 10 a supported platform?


Is AudaxCeph working on Mac computers?

Yes, using virtual machine AudaxCeph  should work on any supported operating system. Please review the System Requirements section.

I already have a license of AudaxCeph and need another one. Can they be merged?

Please let us know about your wishes and we will issue a merged license for your configuration.

Licensing - FAQ

When launching AudaxCeph it states that the licence is corrupted. What can I do?

Download a new licence file AxCeph3.lic by clicking here.  Replace the licence file in your AudaxCeph installation folder (C:\AudaxCeph by default) and activate the licence using the activation key you received when you purchased AudaxCeph.

Can the licence be stored on NAS or SAN?

We do not recommend storing the licence on network storage. The licence is an active part of the software and is frequently accessed and altered.

Do I need to have a dedicated server for the licence?

No. The licence can also be hosted on a computer running AudaxCeph.

Is there a need to purge licenses?

No. Licenses purge automatically after exiting an application.

Can more than one license server run on the same network?

Yes. Any number of license servers can run on the local area network at the same time.

Do I need an internet connection to activate the license file?

Yes. Internet connection is required for the time of registration. When the license is activated, AudaxCeph will normally work without  an internet connection.

Can any data be seen from opening a license file?

No. License file is encrypted. We strongly recommend not to open or save it with any kind of editor.

What happens if my computer with a license server crashes?

Audax will issue a new license for another computer.

Can data be stored on another computer which does not run a license server?

Yes. License server has nothing to do with data storage. If a license server runs on computer 1, data can be stored on computer 2.

Does licensing work over VPN?

Yes. AudaxCeph licensing supports Virtual Private Networks. If it is connected to the license server over VPN it will run the same way as being connected locally.

Is there an AudaxCeph viewer?

If there is no free license on the license server (all licenses are used by someone else in the network), AudaxCeph will behave as a viewer. You will be able to see all the documents already created, but you will not be able to create new ones.

Can AudaxCeph license be used on more than one computer?

Yes. AudaxCeph employs concurrent floating license, which means that it can be run on every computer in the local area network. If one license is installed, one AudaxCeph can be run simultaneously, if two licenses are installed than two sessions can be run at the same time and so on.

I have two computers and one license of AudaxCeph. Can I run AudaxCeph on both computers?

Yes. AudaxCeph is licensed as a floating license. This means that you can run licensed number of AudaxCeph software at the same time. In you case you can run AudaxCeph on any computer in the network but only one simultaneously.

About AudaxCeph



What AudaxCeph does for you?

  1. It enables you to quickly create an analysis for the patient according to local analysis types and standard values.
  2. You will be able to create any kind of superimposition including structural superimpositions (according to Bjork, ABO, EBO,…), and automate superimpositioning and report creation.
  3. You will easily organize all deliverables of analyses such as reports and tracings together with orthodontic photographs.
  4. Report creation will be automated.
  5. Orthodontic and surgical treatment plan, prediction and simulation are created interactively
  6. Patients and their orthodontic data will be organized by stages of treatment.
  7. It will enable you to quickly and efficiently create ANY analysis type, regardless of complexity, number and way of measurements, equip it with local standard values, customized reports,….
  8. It will help you to create beautiful presentations for your patients.
  9. It brings not only state of the art software but also technical support.




Free trial - AudaxCeph SuperEasy

Test AudaxCeph SuperEasy for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph SuperEasy program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.