Superimposition module

Get more information about superimposition module in AudaxCeph.

Cephalometric superimpositions

Any number of analyses and patient’s head-images can be superimposed. There are several different ways of superimposing: Point - Point, Point - Plane, Point - Rotation . Even structural superimpositions can be easily done.

You can manage how analyses are displayed by setting color, selecting elements to be displayed and setting image transparency.

The software suite offers tools for manual alignment and fine tuning. Changes to any cephalometric analysis can be made directly in the superimposition mode and are reflected immediately after they are submitted.

Superimposition of three tracings

Automatic and manual superimposition

Drag & Drop one analysis over the other will create a superimposition in a second or you can create them quickly at will.

Structural superimpositions

Create superimpositions based on stable tissue structures (according to Björk, EBO, ABO).


Evaluate treatment progress by using measurements tools.


Changes to an a analysis done either at the analysis or superimposition module will ripple through the system and appear where expected.

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