Photo module

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X-rays, patient photograph and all deliverables are stored in AudaxCeph in order to be shown on layouts. Layouts can be edited, created and stored for later use. AudaxCeph is a perfect tool for creating presentations to the patients, parents and coleagues.

  • Automatic layouts
  • Quick presentations
  • Treatment simulation (animation movies)
  • Cross stage comparison
  • High-res images without scaling
  • Copy/paste layouts
  • ...



Layout selection

Automatic layouts

Automated creation of high-resolution orthodontic image layouts.


Create presentations for patients, colleagues and research work and copy-paste images and layouts to other documents.

Image formating

Images can be cropped to standard photographic formats (3:2, 4:3,...) and aligned one to another. When additional image postprocessing is needed, an image editor of your choice is started.

Treatment animations

Animate transition from one to another treatment stage and make picturesque presentations out of it.

Free trial - AudaxCeph Advantage

Test AudaxCeph Advantage for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph Advantage program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.