Document management

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AudaxCeph is a fully open software suite with intelligent document organization.

It represents a new paradigm of computer based orthodontic data management and document creation. It provides flexible and easy-to-use tools to quickly and efficiently process even the most difficult cases in orthodontics, dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. AudaxCeph interface is available in a number of languages and can be easily translated into any other language using Latin or Cyrillic alphabet. Technical support is available and can be provided on-line. Use only the best-of-breed tools in your work. AudaxCeph persuades with its high-end performance, numerous features and ease of use.

Timelines and document organization

Document management

Each patient has her or his own treatment folder, where documents are arranged and displayed as thumbnails. All the data can be accessed with adequate authorizations.


AudaxCeph uses floating licenses. There can be as many concurrent users as there are purchased licenses. Without a license AudaxCeph will work as a viewer.


When linked to Patient Management System (PMS) via bridge, the data is transferred and updated. AudaxCeph manages cephalometry related data.


Using one of free or commercial cloud data drives, your orthodontic data will be safely backuped and accessed from any location in the world.

Free trial - AudaxCeph Advantage

Test AudaxCeph Advantage for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph Advantage program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.