Analysis type modelling module

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Analysis types

Create analysis types according to your interpretations and standard values. Almost every dental school developed its own methods and interpretations of measurements between landmarks on radiographs. Some may be similar, the others composed of three or four others, but you usually lack a few measurements that you need.

Why not develop your own analysis type based on your needs? With AudaxCeph, it can be done within an hour. An analysis type is later used as a wizard for cephalometric tracing.

HOW? AudaxCeph uses intelligent cognitive features for creating various analysis types. Use them in analysis modeling to conduct any type of analysis regardless of its geometric complexity. Any orthodontist or researcher can customize analysis type according to their needs and requirements; they can add standard values of their patients and generate a corresponding report. In addition, it contains a database with out-of-the-box analyses types and objects or measurements for ease of use.


AudaxCeph comes with several libraries: i.e. library of analysis types, library of predefined elements, library of standard values, and library of medians. All libraries are open, so users can change them, add to or remove elements from them.

Different phantom types will help you to create analysis types

Analysis type modelling

Create your own analysis type, change standard values, customize printouts and tailor it to your needs.


Use intelligent cognitive elements such as points, planes, arcs, profiles, measurements and create a geometric model of your analysis type.


Your orthodontic software suite comes in multi-language version and uses different alphabets.

Lateral, PA, Study model

Create analysis types for lateral or PA projection or study model.

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