How it works

Tools for the group movement of landmarks, automatic calibration, etc. will dramatically reduce time spent creating analyses.

Why use AudaxCeph Advantage?


AudaxCeph Advantage is an orthodontic software suite which can grow with your needs. You can start using it for cephalometric analyses, continue by creating your own analysis types and later perhaps manage orthodontic photographs. Start with SuperEasy package and upgrade it to Advantage.



Get familiar with the AudaxCeph Advantage software functions that you can use to perform cephalometric analysis the way you have been taught during education in just a few short steps.



Using AudaxCeph Advantage significantly reduces the time required to make a cephalometric analysis. Reusing a template –  the analysis type – speeds up the routine placement of landmarks, creates automatic reports and other deliverables. Tools for group movement of landmarks, automatic calibration, etc. will dramatically reduce time spent creating analyses allowing you to make analyses ten times faster.



You can superimpose any number of analyses and patient’s head-images. There are many types of superimposing: Point - Point, Point - Plane, Point - Rotation. Even structural superimpositions can be easily done. Manage how analyses are displayed in the Superimposition panel by setting color, selecting elements to be displayed and setting image transparency.


Analysis types

The analysis type modeler introduces cognitive geometry and measurement elements which enable the user to easily create any analysis type imaginable, add standard values and knowledge and create eye-catching reports.


In-advance treatment planning

VTO/STO will help you to create one or more treatment predictions. By simulating orthodontic or surgical treatment using any analysis type, a detailed treatment drawing can be created. Taking into account different degrees of tissue softness and rigidity, you can obtain excellent prediction results.



Imported photographs can be cropped, aligned and displayed by photographic formats. Arranged in predefined or user-defined layouts, they are automatically assigned a specific image type. Switching between layouts shows different arrangements of same photographs, which can later be used for presentations, reports, quotations, comparisons of dentition status between stages.


Document management

The patient can be entered into AudaxCeph Advantage manually or via a bridge if the data is obtained from the Patient Management System. Each patient has her or his own treatment folder, where documents on stages of treatment are arranged and displayed as thumbnails. For easy management, functionalities such as drag & drop are used.


Free trial - AudaxCeph Advantage

Test AudaxCeph Advantage for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph Advantage program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.

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